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Career Award - Thank you José Rios

Portugal 23/4/2020

Each year, Corticeira Amorim grants Career Awards to a select group of individuals chosen from its many employees, who merit special distinction, due to their long-lasting contribution, irrevocable commitment and complete dedication to the company over the years. The awards reflect recognition of the professionalism, merit and pride of the people who form a core part of our group. They also pay tribute to the human dimension of the members of a unique team. This April, a month dedicated to our People, we want to celebrate our employees. Above all because the Amorim Family would like to express its gratitude in unison: thank you!

José Rios

He joined Corticeira Amorim Indústria, in 1975, at the age of 26, as a 2nd tier typist. He had just finished the 2nd year of the BA Hons course in Economics (which he concluded later) having returned to Portugal after completing several military commissions in Portugal’s Ultramar (overseas territories).


His professional life was linked to Corticeira Amorim Indústria for over 25 years - where he worked in the Financial area and as member of the Board of Directors. But one shouldn’t think that this meant that he was always confined to an office. He likes to work in the field and has always focused his attention on the factory, and all those who worked there. He devoted special interest to Occupational Hygiene and Safety issues and continues to intervene in these areas, both at a human level, and in industrial operations.

In 2001, he moved to Amorim Investimentos e Participações, where he assumed administration and management responsibilities for several companies within the Amorim Group: OSI, AVT, Labcork, Quinta Nova, ANI, overseeing various transversal issues and dossiers for all these companies: insurance, communications, occupational health and safety, environment, among others.

Known and respected in all companies, he has worked as a mediator at various levels and in different areas. Pragmatic, frontal when necessary, but also a diplomat when the situation requires it, he is a natural problem solver. He has always shown great social concern, looking after the interests of the under-privileged, and has served as a vital pillar for the last two generations of the Amorim Family. Everyone knows his maxim, inherited from Portugal’s wartime period: "In the line of command, a leader leaves no man behind".

José Rios, whose human qualities and complete dedication to the Amorim Group offer an example to everyone, was one of the recipients of the 2019 Career Award.