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Cork in the decks of super yachts

Germany 3/12/2013

Corecork 3D-Cork reduces the weight of the deck by 50% compared to traditional decking solutions.

WolzNautic, a world leader in building and installing decks in the yacht industry has developed together with Amorim Cork Composites a special cork material - Corecork 3D-Cork - to be used as a leveling process underneath the teak deck in Super Yachts.

Among the many advantages of this innovative cork system - boasting excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties and humidity resistance - it is worth noting that the Corecork 3D-Cork system provides a 50% reduction in the weight of decks compared to existing conventional decking solutions on the market.

After the first Super Yacht being launched in the open sea it was possible to report a critical advantage of the 3D-Cork that due to its elasticity goes along with the expansion and contraction of the yacht structure. This prevents corrosion problems caused by the oxidation of metals underneath the teak deck mostly due to the cracking of the highly rigid traditional leveling systems and moisture ingress beneath the deck covering.

After the pioneer 3D-Cork fairing at the Super Yacht Mogambo built by German shipyard Nobiskrug, other manufacturers started to call for the Corecork 3D-Cork leveling system.

The impressive 76m Super Yacht Mogambo can host up to 12 guests and a crew of 19 people. It was the first of five other Super Yachts already installed with the 3D-Cork in two years. Five other Super Yachts are currently under project.