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We have built the future of cork

Corticeira Amorim's ambition to raise the profile of cork, as a raw material that encompasses culture, sustainability and technical performance, has decisively contributed to the spread of this truly unique material worldwide. This aspiration motivates us to have a comprehensive view of the world and the new opportunities that may arise there.

"With the innovating drive that is our hallmark and distinguishes us from all the other companies in the sector, we have been pioneers in the development and innovation of the cork industry."

António Rios de Amorim
Chairman of the Board

As a result of unprecedented investment in R&D + I, to the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology which increases the production capacity, and an entrepreneurial stance, rigour, creativity and quality, we have given a new dimension to what in the 19th century began as a small cork stopper business.

We have opened our doors to product innovation, evolving from what was traditional to the most sophisticated applications, which are able to meet the technical and environmental challenges of some of the world's most demanding industries.

As a result, today cork is the choice raw material in sectors such as wine, sustainable construction, aeronautics and aerospace, transport, fashion, design, sport and endless applications in high profile world projects.

As a result of this investment, cork not only adds value to the products into which it is incorporated, but enjoys a new international position, by conquering a market which is increasingly eager for quality natural products. Within this framework, over twenty thousand customers around the world recognise us as an unavoidable reference, which is, naturally, a reason to be proud and an incentive.

We have always pursued the goal to contribute to the development of the sector. This explains why, when in the 1990s, the core product of the whole industry - cork stoppers - was seriously threatened by artificial products, we faced the crisis with a strategy that would result in benefits for the whole area of activity. As a result of that effort, we have continued to strengthen our position as world leader, in the clear validation of our strategy by the market.

However, our concept of leadership goes way beyond the idea of economic supremacy in a sector with unique characteristics. We seek to be a role model in terms of responsible competitiveness, integrating the commitment to sustainability as a strategic pillar of our action, along the whole production chain. We assume a sense of added responsibility for the product, for people and for nature. In essence, responsibility for the future.